The Model-Railway Men (The Model-Railway Men Series Book 1)

The Model-Railway Men (The Model-Railway Men Series Book 1)

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Mark's model-railway was the most important thing in the world to him. It was not just a toy but a carefully worked out system designed to operate as much like the real thing as possible. And for Mark, of course, the real thing meant the Southern and L.M.S. railways in the great age of steam.
But what Mark did not realise, until he saw the pullover, was that he and his father were not the only 'steam' enthusiasts in the house. The pullover was so small as it lay on a bench at the end of the station platform on his railway. Old, torn and grubby as it was, and much too tiny even for a doll to wear, Mark realised at once that it was a real pullover. So he waited motionless, hardly daring to breathe, for its owner to come and claim it. That was how he met the first of the model-railway men, Telford.
“Steam and the smell of oil" were what Telford and his sons and grand- sons loved and soon Mark was learning things about his railway that he had never known before. But the railway people were a big responsibility, too. They had to be kept hidden from his parents!

Hi Young Person! If you have ever imagined real miniature people living on, or in, your models and toys, then this story about a boy called Mark, who finds a family of small people living in his model railway, may be of interest to you. They have many adventures together, but they have to be kept secret from Marks mother. Eeek!

Hi Parents. Reasons this book may be suitable for your child. In the text below we see a conversation between Mark and Telford where accents and colloquialisms appear which a child may need to sound out to understand, and this may help to improve their reading.

“Why will you have to go?" asked Mark. "Don't collect
together your bits of things and go — please! '
“You don't want us to go," said the old man incredu--
Iously. "We were sure that if we were found we'd 'ave to
be off. Folks don't usually like other folks in their house
They as pays the rent likes to 'ave it to theirselves-like
Why 'tis only natural. I don't remember sharing an 'ouse
with nobody afore."

Originally published in the '70's, the reader learns a little about railways and modelling in a time before modern electrical devices. Mark finds himself forming relationships with the miniature people where he sometimes needs to look after them!
The author was also a teacher, and these books received favourable reviews from many bodies including 'School Librarian' the journal of The Schools Library Association. This book is also available in print and is the first of a series written by my late father Ray. The series (10 in all) have been out of print for many years. Original copies are collectible.
I hope you enjoy the story.

Mark. (Yes. The Mark in the book).

Reviews of The Model Railway Men series include:-

"For all proper----that is, steam age----railway enthusiasts this is a must....a tonic whiff of the grease-gun for all nostalgic fans." The Spectator.

"Plenty of expertise (and diagrams) for the technically minded; a drama in miniature for the rest." Naomi Lewis, Smith's Trade News.

"Railway enthusiasts will learn much with Mark, everybody will enjoy the warm humanity of the midget railway-men." The Birmingham Post.

The Model Railway Men (Book 1)
"A charming story about a family of tiny steam train enthusiasts....Mr. Pope brings to it a sense of characterisation and situation, plus a railway expertise that combine to make a very enjoyable book"
School Librarian (The Journal of The School Library Association).

Telford and the American Visitor (Book 2)
"The Model-Railway people are growing in depth of character as they encounter more trials, and Mark is learning the cost of secrecy...the story is exciting and funny". School Librarian

The Model Railway Men Take Over (Book 3)
"This book combines the 'romance of steam' with the miniature which most children enjoy."
Times Literary Supplement

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