Pointless Board Game

Pointless Board Game
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Pointless Board Game

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Description of Pointless Board Game

First introduced in 2013 by University Games and based on the hugely popular and entertaining TV show of the same name.

As with the TV show you are provided with questions and possible answers, the aim of the game is to get the lowest possible score, obviously if get the Pointless answers you will crowned champion however getting there will need amazing knowledge and a fair amount of luck.

Manufacturer Description

Can you name a country beginning with the letter M that no one else would think of? How about Mali or Micronesia? Can you think of a character from Toy Story that nobody else would remember? We all know Buzz Lightyear, but who remembers Wheezy the penguin? Put your obscure and pointless knowledge to the test with this board game version of the popular BBC2 quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong. Fight against your natural instincts as you try to score the fewest points by guessing the least popular answers to general knowledge questions. Win the game by getting the lowest score with Pointless: The Board Game. Fans of the popular BBC2 game show will love this board game version. Plumb the depths of your knowledge to find the answers that nobody else thought of. Everyone knows that Buzz Lightyear was in the Toy Story films, but you'll get a better score if you remember that Wheezy the penguin was too! Can you get the fewest points, maybe finding  the all-important pointless answers, and become the Pointless champion in your own home? In Pointless, a series of questions is presented to the players. These questions have also been surveyed to a group of 100 other people. It's the players' job to think of an answer that is not only correct, but also the least popular among those surveyed. For example, if the question asks you to name a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic is not a good answer as 88 people in the survey gave this. Anybody who says The Man in the Iron Mask gets a much better score of 6 points. Any correct answers the 100 people surveyed didn't think of are Pointless answers and award a most desirable zero points. Who will carry off the Pointless trophy among your family and friends? For 2 to 4 players or teams and ages 10 and up. Size: 26.4 x 26.2 x 6.8 cm Weight: 1.2 kg

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