PlayStation Vita Wi-Fimodel Black (PCH-2000ZA11)

PlayStation Vita Wi-Fimodel Black (PCH-2000ZA11)
PlayStation Vita Wi-Fimodel Black (PCH-2000ZA11) PlayStation Vita Wi-Fimodel Black (PCH-2000ZA11) (click images to enlarge)

PlayStation Vita Wi-Fimodel Black (PCH-2000ZA11)

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Manufacturer Description

About 3.6mm thinner than previous models , lighter about 41g, battery to last longer . The more easily it is built-in 1GB memory card further , to play by taking out . The touch screen and analog stick two form to adjust to the hand beautifully . 5 inches LCD display of brilliant color resolution and four times the PSP. The variety that produces an immersive feeling of innovative operation and a sense of overwhelming reality with beautiful graphics , such as entering the world of the game , spread infinitely rear touch pad , motion sensor , camera , electronic compass , such as a microphone , the possibility of the game in addition to the function , and applications to enjoy the content and videos and photos " remote Play " , and music that can be manipulated by the PS3 in a remote location and application , convenient and " browser ", " mail" , and "map" and is equipped with . Is not only games , applications to be able to enjoy to download each week. You can look at the photos and videos , read the comics of the topic , drawing or , communication with peers around the world even OK. If access to PlayStationStore, you can enjoy shopping and the free content at any time, at any time . Flat-rate service PlayStationPlus who becomes the receive various system services and content are available , you can enjoy unlimited time and number of times a particular game or "free play" , can be purchased at a discounted price " discount " , the game hospitable service " take your save data ( online storage ) " of like me in charge of the server the save data is received .

Product Features

100 volts, frequency is 50/60 Hz power supply and voltage used in Japan, but is used in a range of 100 volts from 250 volts center voltage (or area) world, power frequency changes. There is a possibility to be subjected to appliance that is not working properly you use, it does not conform to the provisions of the voltage and frequency to cause serious damage. Therefore, please comply with the local specification. If you use abroad SCE products for Japan , it will void the warranty . If you want to use abroad of the GPS function "PSVita"や"PSP", Please follow the regulations of countries and regions . If you use the wireless LAN function , there is a possibility punished by the restriction of the use of radio waves country . Because there is a regulation of the departure time by country and need to be confirmed on the occasion of his return . Charging in foreign countries of "PSP", "PS Vita" AC adapter included , we have corresponding voltage overseas also (100V-240V) , please charge it observe the following notes . Shape of the power plug and Japan are different in some countries , please use the adapter plug adapter that corresponds to the shape of the plug in each country . Transformers for foreign travelers as they will cause damage , please do not use . Please do not use the battery charger . If you feel an abnormality in the product during charging , stop charging immediately .

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